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Boiler manufacturer

DHB Boiler is a manufacturer of A-class boilers (power plant boiler, industrial boiler, HRSG boiler, waste-to-energy boiler, biomass boiler etc.) and correlated pressure parts. We supply boiler design, fabrication, installation, repair, and maintenance.

DHB has ISO9001:2008 certificate issued by France AFAQ-EAQA Ltd, A-class boiler manufacturing license, ASME “S” and ”U” stamp authorized certificates.

With an effective management system and superior product quality, we’re the qualified supplier for many famous domestic and overseas boiler factories and energy companies. We supply for Dongfang Boiler, Harbin Boiler, Alstom, Babcock&Wilcox, Covanta Energy,Amec Foster Wheeler, etc.

Biomass Boiler, Refuse Incineration Boiler, Circulating fluidized, Bed Boiler, Double Fluidized Bed Boiler, Hot Water Economizer Boiler, Gas LPG LNG Module, China Manufacturer Economizer Boiler.

“High quality for survival and perfect service for development” is our business philosophy. We care about customer demands and supply customers with constantly improving work and product quality to create DHB brand.

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When you choose a DHB boiler, you are already leading the way to zero waste.

DHB boilers are products that allow the original waste energy to be reused.  Biomass boilers and waste incineration boilers are able to burn the waste residue from production to produce new energy. Waste heat boilers produce steam from the hot or combustible medium in the working fluid, and generate electricity from waste gas and waste liquid as a heat source.

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Communicate effectively

More than 20 years of production experience with a group of professional engineers to make our ditching and integration costs lower.

Why2-Dhb Boiler
Low-cost solutions

Working with us means lower costs, which allows you to invest more in yourself and expand your impact on the planet.

Why3-Dhb Boiler
Super Value

DHB boilers give you the best parts. Thicker just now, thicker cages, and everything lasts longer

Why4-Dhb Boiler
Hands-on approach

We provide industry expertise to develop the most rigorous framework for problem solving.

What we do

DHB boilers create more surplus value for you

Whether it’s the heat generated in industrial production or the waste generated in daily production, DHB boilers can convert this into electricity and create more value for you. With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, each of our parts is of the highest quality. Create more value with our partners and help guide them on the path to zero waste





Manufacturer with 24 years of experience. We supply Alstom, Babcock & Wilcox, Covanta Energy, Amec Foster Wheeler, etc. DHB watches the product production process with you and gives you the rock-bottom price.