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Efficiency, Capacity, and Sustainability: Unveiling the Key Parameters

Biomass Boiler

25-250 t/h

Capacity range of boiler

Over 90%

Boiler thermal efficiency


Main steam pressure

Main steam pressure

Low-temperature & low-pressure steam boilers, medium-temperature & medium-pressure steam boilers, high-temperature & high-pressure steam boilers and hot-water boilers

Suitable fuels

Bituminous coals, anthracite, lignite, lean coals, coal gangue, oil shales, biomass fuels, agricultural wastes, coffee grounds, residues of traditional Chinese medicine, furfural residues

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Why Choose Our Biomass Boilers?

Unlocking the Advantages: Efficiency, Reliability, and Green Energy

Technical-Dhb Boiler

Boiler Types

We specialize in biomass, waste, and waste heat boilers.

Training-Dhb Boiler


Boilers from 25t/h to 250t/h for large-scale operations.

Performance-Dhb Boiler

Fuel Flexibility

Choose from natural gas, fuel oil, biomass, or coal.

Roi-Dhb Boiler


Achieve 90%+ combustion efficiency for cost savings.

Certificate-Dhb Boiler


Compliant with ASME, EN, and Class A standards for safety.

Design-Dhb Boiler

Tailored Service

Customized maintenance, training, and tech support.

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Proven Expertise

Over 20 years of boiler manufacturing excellence.

Installation-Dhb Boiler

Flexible Warranty

Standard 18-month warranty, customizable to your needs.

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36+ countries and regions use our products

Real-world Solutions: See How Our Boilers Are Transforming Industries

Malaysia Felda Palm Industries Sdn.Bhd.

Biomass Boiler

Thailand THA CHANG Oil Palm Industries Co., LTD

Biomass Boiler

Hubei Wuhan Kaidi Power

5*65t/h Biobass Boiler pressure parts

Yunnan Yunjinglin Paper Co., LTD

25t/h Biomass Boiler

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John Smith Plant Manager

Our industrial facility needed a reliable and eco-friendly energy solution. DHB Boiler delivered exactly that. The transition was smooth, and our operations are now more sustainable than ever.

3-Dhb Boiler
Michael Johnson Production Supervisor

As a production supervisor, efficiency is key. DHB Boiler not only reduced our energy costs but also helped us meet our sustainability goals. I couldn't be happier with the results.

2-Dhb Boiler
David Williams Facility Engineer

Safety and compliance are paramount in our industry. DHB Boiler exceeded our expectations by meeting ASME and EN standards. Their expertise made a significant impact on our operations.

1-Dhb Boiler
Robert Turner Operations Director

Our large-scale operations demand high-capacity solutions. DHB Boiler's 250t/h boilers have been instrumental in ensuring uninterrupted production. Outstanding performance!

5-Dhb Boiler
Mark Davis Environmental Manager

Transitioning to biomass was a crucial step in reducing our carbon footprint. DHB Boiler provided comprehensive training, and their support continues to be invaluable for our sustainability efforts.

6-Dhb Boiler
William Brown Maintenance Supervisor

Maintenance is key to boiler longevity. DHB Boiler's customized maintenance service has kept our systems running smoothly, and the 18-month warranty adds an extra layer of confidence.

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