North & South America

Northamerica 11-Dhb Boiler

In South America and North America, biomass power generation and waste-to-energy incineration are developing rapidly. The energy originally discarded and reused not only contributes to the global environmental protection cause, but also realizes the growth of its own interests.


Oceania 11-Dhb Boiler

DHB boilers provide power to keep companies producing and making more value


Africa 11-Dhb Boiler

Africa is an important market for us, the use of waste energy is increasing, DHB boilers for business development, adding a boost.


Southamerica 11-Dhb Boiler

Our European partners have always taken global environmental issues and the application of waste resources very seriously, and DHB Boiler values each and every one of our European customers.


Asia 11-Dhb Boiler

Asia is an important market for us, the economies of Asian countries are growing rapidly, and the utilization of waste energy is getting higher and higher, DHB boilers for the development of enterprises, adding a boost.