Short Radius Extruder

-Dhb Boiler

PerformanceElegant shapeBoth ellipticity and thinning can be within 10% Process CapabilityDiameter: φ25~φ76mmThickness: ≥3mmRadius:R/D≥0.6

Panel Bending Machine

Panelbendingmachine1-Dhb Boiler

PerformanceHydraulic numerical controlPanel is formed integrallyElegrant shape and good consistency Process CapabilityPanel width:2400mmBending radius:R/D≥3.5

CNC Automatic Tube Bend Machine

Cncautomatictubebendmachine1-Dhb Boiler

PerformanceThe whole process is fully automatic controlledOne time shaped, no need to turn over the tube screenDevice with top pier what can effectively improve the ellipticity and thinning of the elbowThe bending pressure can be controlled by area Process Capability Diameter:φ25~φ76mm Thickness:≥3mm Radius:R/D≥1.2

Japan KKK Company Membrane wall Welding machine (MPM)

Japankkkcompany1-Dhb Boiler

Performance20 welding guns works for two sides at the same timeEffectively reduce the deformation of the tube screen and control the size accurately Process CapabilityDiameter:φ22~φ76mmThickness:≥3mmPitch:≥10

USA AMET Hot Wire TIG Butt Welder

Usaamethotwiretigbuttwelder 2-Dhb Boiler

Performance Stable quality, High efficiency, Elegant shapePartition programming at the range of 360°Welding process can be tracked at any timeSelect the most suitable welding parameters and further improve the welding quality Process CapabilityDiameter: φ25~φ76mmThickness: ≥3mmMaterial: Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Stainless steel etc.

Automatic Select Rack

Automaticselectrack1-Dhb Boiler

Automatic Select Rack The pipe pretreatment production linelearn from advanced technology in Germanyautomatically cut the length of pipes (accuracy:±1mm)groove machining before welding (precision: ±0.1mm) Deep polish the inner and outer of tube ends at the same time (fineness < 12.5 μm) Siemens CNC“right turn mechanism ” electronic control principlesimproving the efficiency of PLC calculation