Laser Cutting Machine

Lasercuttingmachine1-Dhb Boiler

PerformanceTube and plate integrated laser cutting machine, maximum cutting thickness 50mm.size: 15000mm*2200mm

NDT for Welds & Materials

Ndtforweldsmaterials1-Dhb Boiler

Tube screen digital imaging (DR) detection systemX-Ray Machinetransillumination ability Image transparency equivalent 225kV Fe 12mm AI 150mm Test diameter range: φ30-89mm

Haff Heat Treatment Furnace

Haffheattreatmentfurnace1-Dhb Boiler

PerformanceUse far infrared light to heatFull-automatic temperature controllerThe temperature deviation can be controlled ≤ ±10℃

H Shape Finned Tube Welding Machine

Hshapefinned1-Dhb Boiler

PerformanceAdopting high frequency resistance welding technologyElegant shapeThe fusion rate of weld can reach ≥ 95%The tensile strength of weld is ≥ 200 MPa Process capabilityDiameter:φ32~57mmLength of tube: ≤ 18m

Gas Heat Treatment Furnace

Gasheattreatmentfurnace1-Dhb Boiler

24M (Dimension: 24x4x4m) PerformanceGas heating, accurate temperature controlEven temperature distribution

CNC Tube Bending Machine

Cnctubebendingmachine1-Dhb Boiler

PerformanceHydraulic numerical control pier elbowEffectively reduce the elbow thinningElbow ellipticity can be reduced to less than 10% Process CapabilityDiameter:φ25~φ114mmBending radius:R/D≥1.2mm

Short Radius Extruder

-Dhb Boiler

PerformanceElegant shapeBoth ellipticity and thinning can be within 10% Process CapabilityDiameter: φ25~φ76mmThickness: ≥3mmRadius:R/D≥0.6

Panel Bending Machine

Panelbendingmachine1-Dhb Boiler

PerformanceHydraulic numerical controlPanel is formed integrallyElegrant shape and good consistency Process CapabilityPanel width:2400mmBending radius:R/D≥3.5