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HRSG boiler Manufacturer

DHB HRSG boiler (Heat Recovery Steam Generators) to generate electricity from waste heat, creating more value for you.
Our qualifications and certificates enable us to customize waste heat boilers for you.

Let waste heat generate electricity

High Pressure HRSG Heat Recovery Steam Generator For Power Plant Along with sustainable development, Power Plant Steam Generator recycling economy, energy conservation and low-carbon economy ideas put forward one by one.

Competitive price

We are a manufacturer. Our factory and steel raw material factory are in the same city, which means we can save cost and time in transportation. You will get high-quality products at the best price.

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Inquire us and start your energy business immediately.

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HRSG boiler Technical features

The gas turbine HRSGs is one of the key main engines for the power generation system of gas-steam combined cycle power stations. Through years of research, our Company has successfully developed a gasturbine-matched waste heat boiler which has no after-burning but self deaeration and horizontal natural cycle, which is suitable for the frequent start-up and stop of the gas turbine and has a strong peaking capacity.

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Industry veteran of Boiler Economizer

DHB Boiler is one of the best boiler manufacturing suppliers in China. Including Utility Boiler, HRSGBoiler, coal-fired, oilgas) -fired, coal-water-slurry-fired and garbage-fired steam/hot water boilers, organic heat carrier boilers, etc., and Boiler spare parts (Economizer, Finned tube, Header, Steam drum, Superheater, Water wall panel, Air preheater, Cyclone separator, etc.,)We ensure the delivery time, high quality, and the best after-sale service for you.


20+ Years Of Experience In Industry R & D And Manufacturing


6 Certification To Ensure That Products Meet Local Standards


Delivered To 36 Countries And Regions

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Estimated price for ordering boiler economizer

We have very competitive prices because of the advantages of geographical location and supply chain. As a boiler manufacturer, we can better control the cost and quality.

Design fee

We usually design according to the drawings you provide. If you have design needs, the design fees we charge will be very reasonable.

Sample Product fee

We can provide free material samples for you to test whether they meet your standards.

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30% T/T Fee

30% TT deposit in advance

30% Material payment

We will charge 30% for materials

40% Final Fee

Complete your payment within a certain period and receive the products you ordered for.

Logistic and packaging

Before shipment, we will strictly check the products again and send them to you to ensure that you receive high-quality products.


Qulity testing

Each product is manufactured and strictly inspected before shipment



We will strictly pack the goods to ensure that they are not damaged during transit



We will transport the goods at the fastest speed and shorten your waiting time

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36+ countries and regions use our products

You can see if there are similar engineering needs with you, and tell us so that we can better serve you.

John Doe
From Thailand
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Thank you Very much, Danny is very professional and serious, very honest and reliable. He solve all the problems for me, He gave me the best guidance and service from start to finish.I would not have a problem doing business with DHB Boiler again.
Dan A
From USA
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I have been looking for a boiler manufacturer instead of a supplier. I am very glad to find DHB Boiler. The price they gave me was very reasonable. The material of the product met the standard I needed. The customized boiler economizer has been used. If I want to update this part, I will still choose DHB Boiler
from Malaysia
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The cooperation with DHB was very smooth, they completed the coal saver for our project in France with amazing speed, and will continue to cooperate in the future.

frequently asked questions

To save you from worries, here are some facts you need to know about our Boiler Economizer :

How do you control the quality?

1) All ORL machines are in strict accordance with the ISO quality and CE system requirements.
2) Each procedure is crafted by professional Skilled labour, followed by particular QC
3) All information of our products can be checked in efficient management system.

Main manufacturing equipment?

Our products' quality is ensured by advanced, excellent facilities and manufacturing equip-ment. We have introduced 500 sets of advanced processing and inspection equipment,including plasma cutting machine,NC drilling equipment, automatic submerged arc weldingsystem, welding equipment and real-time online imaging detection system, etc.,which suc-cessfully ensure excellent quality of our products.

How long is your delivery time?

It is very dependent on the capacity of equipment. Delivery time should be determined after technical discussion. Please contact our sales.

What about after-sale service?

Our boilers have one year warranty period or depending on your requirements.

ls there any item belong to hazardous nature.

There is no hazardous nature in the item.

Do I have a choice of colors?

DHB Boilers are available in many different color combinations.

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