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Explore our range of high-efficiency boiler economizers, designed to cut costs, reduce emissions, and boost your bottom line.

Spiralfinnedtube1-Dhb Boiler

Spiral Finned Tube Economizer

The spiral finned tube economizer is a newly designed heat transfer equipment, consists of spiral fin tubes to overcome the serious

H Finnedtubeeconomizer1-Dhb Boiler

H-Finned Tube Economizer

H-finned tube economizer is high efficient heat exchanger economizer which is consisted of H-finned tubes. H-finned tube economizer can enlarge the heat exchange area and reduce the number of tubes. It also can increase the flue gas flow area in order to reduce the flue gas flow speed and abrasion.H-finned tube can be made as double H finned tubes , with high rigidness to fit long tube row.


Bare Tube Economizer

The bare tube economizer is a kind of economizer which is made from seamless steel tube.

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Why Choose Us?

Discover why we’re the top choice for all your needs – from our industry-leading technology to our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Customized Design

Our 20-member design team collaborates with you to create tailored equipment designs.

Engineers-Dhb Boiler

Technical Expertise

Experienced engineers offer product-specific consultation and advice.

Reliable Supply-Dhb Boiler

Reliable Supply

We annually produce 25,000 tons of boiler products, ensuring on-time delivery.

Installation-Dhb Boiler

Installation Support

Comprehensive guidance provided post-delivery for hassle-free installation.

Training-Dhb Boiler

Technical Training

We provide on-site or online technical training to empower your team with the necessary knowledge.

Certificate-Dhb Boiler

Regulatory Compliance

Certified in ASME, EN, A-Class boiler, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 standards.

Performance-Dhb Boiler

Performance Assurance

Our products are built with top-quality materials, backed by a 2-year warranty to ensure peak performance

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Energy Efficiency

Benefit from our expertise in energy-saving analysis and coal economizer ROI calculations.

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Submit your inquiry, and we’ll promptly send you a sample brochure showcasing our products, providing valuable insights into how we can enhance your boiler upgrade options.

36+ countries and regions use our products

You can see if there are similar engineering needs with you, and tell us so that we can better serve you.

AMEC Foster Wheeler/FATIMA Economizer project

H type finned tube economizer module

USA Foster Wheeler/CLECO Project

Economizer Module of 330MW CFB Boiler

USA Covanta Energy / Alexandria Power Plant

Waste-to-energy boiler economizer, superheater

Australia RCR Energy / QAL Project

Convection bank tube, economizer U bends platen

Finland Foster Wheeler/MEJILLONES project

Economizer of 300MW CFB Boiler

Indonesia Wuhan Kempinsh

Economizer, bends, water wall panel

If you want to know about cases in your country, contact us!

4-Dhb Boiler
John Smith Operations Manager

I've been using DHB Boiler's Coal Saver for over a year now, and it's been a game-changer for our industrial operations. Our energy costs have significantly decreased, thanks to this innovative solution. Highly recommended!

3-Dhb Boiler
David Johnson Plant Supervisor

DHB Boiler's Coal Saver has proven to be a reliable and cost-effective addition to our manufacturing process. We've noticed a remarkable reduction in fuel consumption since implementing it. Great product!

2-Dhb Boiler
Michael Anderson Environmental Compliance Officer

The Coal Saver from DHB Boiler is a true lifesaver for our company. Not only has it helped us save on operational costs, but it has also reduced our carbon footprint. Outstanding product and customer support!

1-Dhb Boiler
Robert Turner Facility Manager

DHB Boiler's Coal Saver has exceeded our expectations. It's not only energy-efficient but also easy to install. The positive impact on our bottom line has been remarkable. A worthwhile investment.

5-Dhb Boiler
William Parker CEO

We've been in the industry for decades, and DHB Boiler's Coal Saver is one of the most impressive advancements we've come across. It has improved our boiler efficiency immensely, making it an essential component in our operations.

6-Dhb Boiler
James Mitchell Production Manager

DHB Boiler's Coal Saver has proven to be a wise choice for our company. It has helped us cut down on fuel costs while ensuring our boiler's optimal performance. We're extremely satisfied with the results.

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