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Fast production time

Time is money. We have A-Class Boiler Manufacture License, ASME/TUV/ISO 3834 Certified etc. We are familiar with the standards of various countries. We can produce your products as quickly as possible and create value for you as soon as possible.

Competitive price

We are a manufacturer. Our factory and steel raw material factory are in the same city, which means we can save cost and time in transportation. You will get high-quality products at the best price.

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Biomass boiler, turning waste into power generation energy

Let sawdust, bagasse, palm husk, rice husk and straw become energy for power generation, and create more electricity for your enterprise to create higher value.

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Exquisite Production Technology

Exquisite production technology

ISO 3834 certificate, Appropriate welding equipment to ensure product quality and improve efficiency

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Full combustion

Reasonable heat surface and burning device, heat efficiency is 4%~5% higher than national standard.

Safe And Reliable

Safe and Reliable

Reasonable flue gas speed, heating surface without ash deposition and no abrasion, under the condition of no soot-blowing, the boiler can work full-load, high-efficiency and safety in long term.

Large Capacity

Large capacity

The big and tall boiler furnace can be designed according to the different fuel to improve the burning rate of fuel and remove black smoke.

High Production Capacity

High production capacity

Advanced CNC equipment is the guarantee of quality

Eco-Friendly And Energy

Eco-friendly and energy

all kinds of fuel, such as wood chips, bagasse, Palm husk, rice husk, straw

Industry veteran of high-power biomass boiler

DHB Boiler is a manufacturer for A-class boilers(biomass boilers, power plant boilers, industrial boilers, HRSG, waste-to-energy boiler etc.) and correlated pressure parts. We supply boiler design, fabrication, installation, repair and maintenance.


20+ Years Of Experience In Industry R & D And Manufacturing


6 Certification To Ensure That Products Meet Local Standards


Delivered To 36 Countries And Regions

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How do I choose the right biomass boiler
for my needs?

 When selecting a biomass boiler, consider factors like heat output capacity, fuel type and availability, efficiency ratings, space requirements, and potential installation and maintenance costs. Consulting with a reputable supplier or installer can help you make an informed decision.

Biomass Boiler

Main Technical Parameters

Capacity range of boiler: 6–160 t/h
Pressure range of boiler: low-temperature & low-pressure steam boilers, medium-temperature & medium-pressure steam boilers,high-temperature & high-pressure steam boilers and hot-water boilers
Thermal efficiencies: 88–92%
Suitable fuels: bituminous coals, anthracite,lignite, lean coals, coal gangue, oil shales, biomass fuels, agricultural wastes, coffee grounds, residues of traditional Chinese medicine,furfural residues
Range of calorific value: 1500–6000 kcal/kg
Furnace box temperature: 850–900 ℃ (depending on operation situations of coal combustion)
Inlet temperature of cyclone separator: ~500 ℃
Outlet temperature of flue gas for boiler: ≤ 145 ℃
Carbon-containing rate of bottom slag: < 1%
Structure of furnace: membraned walls
Heat-transfer medium: water or conduction oil
Initial nitrogen oxide emission: ≤ 200 mg/m3
Control method of NOx: low-temperature combustion + “coupling of SNCR & SCR”
Desulfurization method: addition of limestone to the furnace + fine desulfurization in the tail stage
Dusting method: high-performance bag dust-cleaning + wet electrostatic dust-cleaning

Logistic and packaging

Before shipment, we will strictly check the products again and send them to you to ensure that you receive high-quality products.


Qulity testing

Each product is manufactured and strictly inspected before shipment



We will strictly pack the goods to ensure that they are not damaged during transit



We will transport the goods at the fastest speed and shorten your waiting time

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36+ countries and regions use our products

You can see if there are similar engineering needs with you, and tell us so that we can better serve you.

These are some of our customers. If you need more cases,  contact us, please.

Project NameProduct(s) Name
Malaysia Felda Palm Industries Sdn.Bhd.Biomass Boiler
Thailand THA CHANG Oil Palm Industries Co., LTDBiomass Boiler
Hubei Sunshine Kaidi New EnergyBiomass Boiler
Hubei Wuhan Kaidi Power5*65t/h Biobass Boiler pressure parts
Yunnan Yunjinglin Paper Co., LTD1t/h Biomass Boiler
John Doe
From Thailand
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The operation is very simple, it can be moved at any time, it is very convenient, and the electric control system in English is very satisfactory.
John Doe
From Thailand
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I believe that the biomass furnace you designed for me will pay for itself within two years.
This product is very nice, I will choose this supplier next time I need to buy accessories, very professional! !
from Malaysia
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The cooperation with DHB was very smooth, they completed the coal saver for our project in France with amazing speed, and will continue to cooperate in the future.

frequently asked questions

To save you from worries, here are some facts you need to know about our biomass boiler:

How to get a boiler price?

Pls tell us below information to confirm the boiler model first, and then offer the right boiler price:

1.1 Which fuel you prefer for the boiler, coal, biomass, gas & oil, or others?
1.2 The boiler capacity
1.3 The boiler pressure
1.4 The boiler application

How long is the product warranty period ?

Our boilers have one year warranty period or depending on your requirements.

How long is your delivery time?

It is very dependent on the capacity of equipment. Delivery time should be determined after technical discussion. Please contact our sales.

What about after-sale service?

Our boilers have one year warranty period or depending on your requirements.

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