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A pioneer of theory and application
  • A person who pioneered the idea and system of elementary characterization of the thermochemical
    reaction characteristics of waste.
  • A person who breaks through the centralized treatment technology of multiple organic wastes in the same
  • A person who invented the miniaturization of circulating fluidized bed.
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Prof. Yanguo Zhang
Chief scientist
Long-term professor of
Tsinghua University

Arthur C. Stern

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What is TFB?

Vertical TFB gasification incineration system
Suitable for low ash, high volatile,high calorific value waste, such aswaste plastic, waste rubber or hazardous waste, etc.
Vertical Tfb Gasification Incineration System
Horizontal TFB gasification incineration system

Suitable for high ash, low calorific value waste, such as sludge,domestic
garbage, etc, or the situations where the height of the venue is restricted.

Horizontal Tfb Gasification Incineration System

Three highlights

Vertical Tfb Gasification Incineration System
Ultra-wide fuel adaptability
Solid: Industrial solid waste, domestic waste, hazardous waste, biomass, etc.
Liquid: Concentrate, waste solvent, etc.
Gas: Organic waste gas, VOCs, etc.
Slurry: Sludge, bacterial slurry, etc
Ultra-low pollutant emissions

Dust: ≤10mg/m³
SO2: ≤35mg/m³
NOX: ≤50mg/m³
CO: ≤50mg/m³
Dioxins: ≤0.05ng TEQ/m³
Heat loss rate: ≤3%

Ultra-wide load adaptability

Under the condition of mixed use of multiple fuels, the
load within the range of 40%-100% can operate
stably and meet the emission requirements. If
industrial wastes or biomass with similar properties are
used as fuels, the load adjustment range will be wider

Seven advantages

International leader

New theory, break through tradition, core patent

Exclusive solution

Data mining, precise analysis, tailormade, to provide customers with economical and applicable solutions

Double low cost

Under the same scale of pollutant emission requirements, compared with conventional technology, the initial investment is 20%-30% lower, and the operating cost is 10%-20% lower


Industry 4.0, high degree of automation, low operation difficulty

High stability

Annual operation is more than 8000 hours

Flexible scale

Processing capacity covers 50t/d-1000t/d

Simple system

Short process chain, simple system, no need for SCR denitration

Application scenarios

Process waste plastic, waste rubber, waste resin, industrial sludge, etc. to generate heat

Biomass Boiler Manufacturer

Process domestic waste, municipal sludge, medical waste and other production and domestic wastes, and generate heat energy

Biomass Boiler Manufacturer
Biomass Boiler Manufacturer

Gasify obsolete garbage, biomass, waste plastics, etc. to produce combustible gas, which can be used for heating or entering a gas turbine for power generation

Biomass Boiler Manufacturer

Dispose of hazardous wastes such as waste activated carbon, chemical waste residues, waste chemical solvents, gasification in the furnace and then high temperature incineration, the furnace temperature is greater than 1100 degrees, and generate heat energy

Biomass Boiler Manufacturer

Engineering cases

Waste slag furnace equipment engineering project of a large papermaking enterprise

The raw materials of recycled paper are mostly recycled waste paper and waste paper boxes. A large amount of paper residues, mainly waste plastics, and sludge with high moisture contentare produced during the processing. They are difficult to dispose and recycle, and bring great troubles to paper companies.

1. Paper residue: Calorific value 3000-3500 kCal/Kg (mainly plastic)
2. Fine slag: Calorific value 1200-1500 kCal/Kg
3. Long slag: Calorific value 2800-3300 kCal/Kg (iron wire inside)
4. Sludge: Calorific value -200-200 kCal/Kg

Slags: 140t/d
Sludge: 110t/d
Biogas: 7000Nm³/d

To mix the high moisture content sludge with high calorific value paper slag and biogas, the comprehensive calorific value is greater than 1600kCal/Kg, which meets the calorific value requirements, and the high-quality steam generated by incineration is reused for production.

  • 250 tons of paper-making waste is harmless, reduced, and recycled every day.
  •  Annual steam production of more than 100,000 tons.
  •  Annual waste treatment cost savings of more than RMB 10 million.
  •  Annual energy cost savings of more than RMB 15 million.
  • The papermaking sludge does not need to be dried, and the initial emission is low, which greatly
Industrial waste conversion steam energy project in an industrial park

There is a large amount of resin waste, resin button polishing waste, leather scraps and printing and dyeing sludge in a industrial park The nature of the raw materials is very different, so it is difficult to concentrate in the same furnace.
There are 68 enterprises that need steam in the park, and the load varies greatly from day to night. The maximum steam load is 30t/h during the day and the lowest is 3t/h at night.
It is easy to coke under high load, and the emission is easy to exceed the standard under low load, and it is difficult to operate stably

1. Resin waste: Calorific value 6000 kCal/Kg, Moisture content 3%
2. Button polishing waste: Calorific value 600 kCal/Kg, Moisture content 60%
3. Biomass pellets:  Calorific value 4000 kCal/Kg, Moisture content 9%

Utilize the TFB’s characteristics of gasification first and then incineration, to control the combustion reaction rate and ensure the stability during low-load operation.
The rated evaporation capacity is 25t/h, the rated steam pressure is increased to 2.5MPa, to meet the demand of steam load changes.

  • Treat 10,000 to 20,000 tons of resin waste annually.
  • Treat 5,000 tons of button polishing waste annually.
  • Produce 150,000 tons of steam per year.
  •  Annual profit is more than 30 million yuan.
County solid waste comprehensive treatment and resource utilization project

County solid waste includes domestic garbage, municipal sludge, medical waste, obsolete garbage, straw, etc., a single type of waste is small, but the total amount is large. The composition of waste is complex, and it is difficult to burn in the same furnace.
Can not reach the scale of incineration power generation, economical is poor, and it is difficult to introduce social capital.
Miniaturized incineration technology is required, with comprehensive treatment capabilities, low unit investment and operating costs, and good pollutant emission indicators are also required.

1. Domestic garbage: Calorific value 1100-1300kCal/Kg, complex composition
2. Municipal sludge: Calorific value -200-+200 kCal/Kg, high moisture content
3. Medical waste:  Calorific value 3000-5000 kCal/Kg
4. Stale garbage:  Calorific value 900-51400 kCal/Kg
5. Straw:  Calorific value 2500 kCal/Kg

Utilize the TFB’s characteristics of gasification first and then incineration, to control the combustion reaction rate and ensure the stability during low-load operation.
The rated evaporation capacity is 25t/h, the rated steam pressure is increased to 2.5MPa, to meet the demand of steam load changes.

  • Every year, 73,000 tons of wastes such as household garbage, municipal sludge, and obsolete garbage are harmless, reduced and energyized.
  • 100,000 tons of planting and breeding waste are treated as resources every year.
  •  Relieve landfill pressure and extend the life of the landfillAnnual profit is more than 30 million yuan.
  •  Optimize the local business environment.
  • Establish a circular economy innovation model,.
  •  Increase local taxes and reduce the government’s financial burden.
Biomass Boiler Manufacturer

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